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Renfrew cloth stick tape 104 CANADA FLAG

Stick Tape | Renfrew cloth stick tape 104 CANADA FLAG
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Renfrew cloth stick tape 104 CANADA FLAG, hockey tape

Renfrew cloth tape Canadian flag Patterned 24mm x 25 M,

Renfrew Hockey Tapes enhance your game by improving puck control and grip, both to the stick and the puck. Renfrew Stick Tape is trusted by professionals and is widely regarded to be the best feeling ice hockey tape in the world. 28 out of 30 professional player prefer Renfrew Tape on their stick. Made of natural materials. It lasts longer on your stick than other hockey tapes. It provides a high level of performance adhesion even when wet or cold and comes in a wide range of colours and reel lengths. Today’s adhesives are tuned to the needs of Carbon and composite stick technology.
Unrivalled quality and performance, simply you cannot buy better!.

Also available at futher discounted bulk rates when purchased in a case of 36 rolls.

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