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Composite Low Kick Stick

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THE NEW MINI-COMPOSITE Q-Series stick, PS119 Pattern, choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from..
Easypuck £15.00
Sher-Wood EK10 (EK11), Composite Ice Hockey Stick  (EK11 is the same as the EK10 though i..
Easypuck £125.76
Sher-Wood EK9, Composite Ice Hockey Stick 490g​  520 Gram Featuring a one-piece spear sha..
Easypuck £24.91
GOAL STICK NEXON N6 Senior 27" LEFT Handed PP30 BRODEUR SHAFT FEATURES Aspen core covered with..
Easypuck £80.00
JUNIOR Sher-Wood wood stick plug, Junior 150mm extender (200mm overall) fits shaft internal 24m..
Easypuck £3.00
Sherwood NEXON N10, Pro Carbon Hockey Stick SNIPER SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY One-piece spear shaft..
Easypuck £78.01
was £195.02
Sherwood N12 Pro Stock Hockey Stick, SNIPER SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY One-piece spear shaft constru..
Easypuck £89.16
was £222.89
Sher-Wood NEXON N6 SNIPER TECHNOLOGY One-piece spear shaft construction with enhanced low kickp..
Easypuck £42.36
was £111.46
NEXON N8 Pro balance Hockey Stick (please note : Youth, Junior, Intermediate Stastny N8 Stic..
Easypuck £36.00
was £125.40
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